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    Benefits of Using Payroll Services

    Whether you are running a small business or a big brand, payroll management is always a critical task. It consumes lots of time and resources as well. But as the technologies have revolutionized the business world by great extent; you can also use services for efficient payroll management. Professionals at Accounting Firm CPA have developed advanced payroll software to assist business owners with easy payroll analysis. It keeps on maintaining complete details about withholding taxes, vacations, sick pay and other factors associated with employee wages. As the payroll process is quite complicated, it is definitely good to hire professionals that can serve your needs with their advanced software tools and years of experience. Studies reveal that outsourcing payroll services generally cost half to that of in-house payroll management. It will eliminate the need for a hiring a full-time manager and will save your time and resources as well...

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    Algunos de los Cambios en la Ley Contributiva 2018

    La nueva ley contributiva "2018 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act" fue firmada en Diciembre 22, 2017. Esta nueva ley va a impactar a todos y cada uno de los contribuyentes para el año 2018. Esta nueva ley toma efecto el 01/01/2018 afectando la declaración que se presenta en o antes del 15 de Abril del 2019. Esta nueva ley de Cambios de Impuestos será efectiva de 2018 al 2025, excepto la Tasa contributiva Corporativa que no tiene fecha de expiración...

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